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The Meaning of Life: As Told By Life -
© 2013 Preston Palmer

Flea --
When it happens,
just like that,
life means everything
and without it,
nothing means nothing.
Don't expect.
Don't predict.
Just do
and you are done.

Human --
Build on empires,
towers, and masterpieces.
Build until you cannot see
and then destroy your new beauty.
Stomp on your own dreams;
make them ruins.
Don't create the tangible
Don't build on something.
Simply move forward
and you will get there soon.

Tortoise --
You must lift your feet
and set them down gently
on solid ground.
Breath from lungs
that have inhaled the dirt from before your time.
Open your eyes
and see the time pass in peace.
Don't blink.
Don't stop.
But learn
and you will know.

Tree --
Open your arms
and ask the world to believe you.
Live so that you can live more.
Expand into everything
and listen to your neighbors
they will tell you your secrets.
Don't move.
Don't speak.
Instead, rise up
And you will grow forever.

Rock --
You sit on my bed
and spoke to the universe.
Bring your blessings of a hopeful future.
Speak out with your silent voice,
allow yourself to be budged about by our words;
and never hold on to anything.
Don't remain.
Don't fall apart.
All you have to do is be
And you will become.