¶ Short Stories

In the summer of 2011 I began working on a book after having started and completed several short stories at whim. The book has since taken on a couple of evolutions, and left behind a number of short stories and small story projects in its wake. Each of these is a part of that process.

Wrong Choice Adam
Arthur Hated Words
Marian took her Heel
Floating: (Into the Horizon)
Doesn't Matter Where You Stand

¶ Poetry

For periods of time, I feel like my life makes more sense in poetry. And so I will write a poem in response to the day. I tried to do this for an entire month, but I quickly began to see that every day was not much different from the next, and so instead of writing I began to take up the task of changing things in my life. Still, the poems serve as check-points in my life, and I can recall every day described in the poem in perfect detail. You can find a link to those poems in chronological order below.

» Journal Poems

The following poems are your ordinary, run of the mill poems that I've worked on and created.

Emergence of Self « New
Cashier's Conceipt
A Dragon, A Dragon
Marian's Heel
Indian Lullaby
The Meaning of Life: As Seen by Life
things your happy told me
The Marigold

¶ Journals

In my time at MCTC, I took three literature courses where, in addition to reading a wide variety of material, I also had to respond to said material through a journal. The journals naturally became a way for me to ask questions of myself through the themes and ideas discussed in the reading and as I wrote each journal, they began to take on their own artform. Below are the three classes I took where you will find the full-text of my journals as well as a list of the books and articles discussed.

Literature and the Environment
Children's Literature
World Literature