Bass Monster’s Bad Day

Just made a new song that was partially inspired by the bass sound in Inception. It isn’t my greatest, but I like build-up at the end. It was mostly an experiment with heavy bass sounds, to see what worked and how it worked. Bass noises are much more complex than I thought, I still have a lot to learn. Probably sounds better with headphones that speakers.

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Continuing Creativity

So, I thought today was going to be a work day, and it turned into a make-music day, which culminated in a new song. I don’t think it’s -that- great of a song, but to me it showcases new things I’ve learned with the program I’ve been using. Here it is, enjoy.

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The Only Way I Can Express Myself

I’ve been working on this song well over a month now and I’m so happy to have finished it. I started out with just the chord progression and built the rest from there. There were some exciting accomplishments with this one. In my opinion, it has my first ever successful build-up and climax. And it used a vocal loop as well, from my friend Taylor Gruye’. I like the end of the song quite a bit more than the beginning. And at the end of the song, that would be Taylor telling me, “don’t… don’t put that on the internet.”

Hope you enjoy. =D

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Learning Everyday

This is how I procrastinate. I have a test in Spanish on Monday. Okay, granted, I still have two whole days to study. Nevertheless, I made another song using Audiotool that I’m proud enough of to share with the world.

It utilizes two elements. One is called an LFO, short for Low-Frequency Oscillator, which creates a sweeping effect, generally, but I applied it to the filter so it ended up splitting the sound almost like a piece of glass bends light, which makes that tinkling sound at the beginning and end of the song. Then I learned how to use the amplitude envelope to give the chords in the background more of a beat and rhythm. It still isn’t that great, in fact I like my other song better, but I feel as though it’s another check-point in my progress in learning this software.

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Pretty Lights 2011

My heart beat nervously in my chest on that cold night, the stars were peeking behind wispy clouds as a waxing gibbous moon watched passively as I stepped out of the car and into the crowd. From there on out; madness.

I don’t know a lot, but I know a little bit more now. I had squeezed myself into the crowd after downing a whole bottle of water, Bonobo already had me dripping. I felt a little bit like I was in a dream, swaying with the flow of the crowd, until the lights dimmed, and Pretty Lights began. Little pockets of LED lights on the massive towers that surrounded Derek Vincent Smith started to light up, creating what looked like a city all across stage. And when the familiar piano sample of I Know The Truth started playing, we screamed until our lungs were empty. We were ready to party.

Letting all your inhibitions go. They say that’s why some people drink. But in that crowd, my B.A.C. was zero and I was drunk. Bass filled the entire building with the sounds of beat only Pretty Lights could create. I suddenly stopped caring about all the things I regret, all the mistakes I’ve made, all the hurt. You put your hands in the air, you get your feet off the ground, you scream until your mute, because sometimes that’s all there is.

But the part I will never forget, is when he played the breakdown from High School Art Class, where it goes “you wanna get higher (higher)” And it built up and built up, the strobes were going off, everyone was yelling “higher, higher”, and Derek gets on the mic and tells us to get our fucking feet off the floor, and I’m jumping as high as I can go, screaming along with everyone else until it just tuns into a snare and I’m screaming “Ahhhhhh!!” That moment changed my life forever.

Pretty Lights at The Myth in Maplewood

I think I’ll be seeing you next year, Derek. Thank you for a fucking awesome party.

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Musical Muse

Another art-form, music has always been a huge piece of my creative process and I have the utmost respect for musicians. There are so many genre’s, but electronic music has captured my spirit for the last few years.

Anyway, I’ve been playing around with Audiotool for over a year now and I finally made something I thought was worth publishing. It’s a rather simple piece, but to me it is a testament to my progress in learning how to use this new program.

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Canadian Radio

There is nothing significant about the title of this post, but it refers to a quiet evening a few days ago, as I made myself a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich while the warm summer breeze fell though the window. The dog came in the room with her tail wagging and she put her nose in the space between the cabinet and the sink to smell the air, the fireflies, and the buzzing of the streetlights.

The radio was tuned to public radio and they were talking about the last few space-shuttle take-offs. They discussed how different songs had been used in the past to wake up the astronauts from their designated sleep-schedule, as the Scientific American reported, “Wake-up music is a tradition that, according to a NASA history of the practice, stretches back to the Apollo moon program. Ground control pipes a tune up to the spacecraft to rouse the crew from their sleep shifts, and often a crew member’s family will choose a song with special meaning for their relative.” This year, people can vote for which song they think should wake up the astronauts.

So this week I second the Canadian choice for the Canadian band, Rush’s song, Countdown, but only because of the feeling of a peaceful summer evening, where thoughts drifted away to less important things for just a moment, where radio entertained instead of sold, where even classic rock felt like poetry.

Rush – Countdown


And I also invite you to read my poetry on I have been submitting a new poem every day, a sort of journaling, though more abstract and symbolic. Here is today’s:

This poem goes out to all of the deleted words,
the millions of ideas quickly erased, obliterated
because they just didn’t quite fit in with
the rest of the ideas. Today, I honor them briefly,
but sometimes, life moves by too quickly
to mourn, even when life, true life, is lost.
Today, I sniff the cold, stiff air
and the breeze feels like shivers, covered
in warm, futile sunlight. The short hairs on
my adam’s apple scrape on my collar like
road-gravel on newly built freeways, but
I don’t drive.
Today, momentary friendship is held up
by our busy hands, and even as we leave
we hope that our hope will keep it airborne,
but at least I know that this fellowship
will not break if it hits the ground,
it will always be there to pick back up
at a later date.

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This day has ended.

And so I tribute it with a song and a poem.

Since I Fell For You – Doris Day

Since I Fell For You

Feel free to play as you read.

Today felt like a clandestine speakeasy,
smoke in the air warmed spirits
as we pour glasses of burgundy wine
and dance with our arms around each other,
our noses touch occasionally to celebrate
the occasion.
Today, emotions trickled up to the eyes
like a fountain of some sort
wondering if it’s love
or if it’s pain. And instead of tears I hear
laughter and sad jokes.
Tinges of red and brown around the edges;
coffee stains that remind me
of a me that never will be.

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