Revolution of 8

As I sit here at my computer, the opening night of the Beijing Olympics, I find myself thinking a lot about change. In fact, for the past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about how the world is changing, and how strikingly apparent is becoming. I sat and watched the Opening Ceremony and noticed that almost all of the Car Commercials were for super fuel-efficient, hybrid, or electric cars; I was awed by the sound of Morgan Freeman speaking of a world not divided by culture, or countries, or beliefs, but of a world that is instead, united by being human, and the Olympic Games, no doubt, are a celebration of humanity. This is a world that is moving strongly for change, I thought, as I adjusted myself on my couch.

I often write these Journals, because I want to get across a message, I want to say something, perhaps there is something in my name that drives me to preach. And yet, I find that my words often do not make it past but a few tired eyes.

I thought about this as well, as I sat and stared at the spectacle that was before me on this little box underneath rabbit ears. Because amid all of this change that the world has experienced in the past weeks, there are still those who are crying that it is not enough. As the torch came up around that circle, and was handed off to each runner, I thought about the protesters who tried everything they could, to put out that flame as it traveled around the world.

But every writer, preacher, or advocate of the vehicles that seem to be driving this world toward global change, must admit the hypocrisy in some of their words. We say that we are becoming more humanitarian, when in fact, the very rules that we impose to create acts of violence from occurring are what take the humanity, the human to human connection, out of the world.

Some people say it’s impossible, that no matter how hard we try we will only ever start back where we started, that history repeats itself, and will continue to until we are all dead and the sun has long burned out, and the earth is nothing but dust scattered across outer space. This may be true, but to every reader of this Journal, however many of you there are, you should know right now, that you are reading the words of one determined individual.

For something that has become such a recurring theme in my almost two-decade-long life-span, change is not something that I plan on giving up on any time soon.

Today is the start of the Olympic Games, a time the world stops for just a moment, to remember our equality, whether we are in the picket line, in the Olympic Stadium, or in front of our televisions. The past few days are also the days that deviantART is celebrating it’s 8th anniversary, what is becoming a milestone for the global art community as dA boasts a total 7.5 Million deviants, with numbers increasing by the 10,000’s every day.

I would like to declare, then, that I will be writing a series of articles focused on certain issues that concern me in the world, particularly focused on what I know best, and am most a part of, the art community. As always, I hope you enjoy these articles, but for once I plan to make these stories a bit more public. Not through dA, but through other parts of the globe, probably a blog somewhere.

I will be honest with you, right now, I feel a strong surge of inspiration in myself, that comes and goes. In a few weeks, I may find myself thinking, why should I bother, or I’m interested in something different. So I cannot say what will become of this, no more than I can say what will come of the protests against China, or the sudden warfare that has just started up between Georgia and Russia. Maybe, all I can do right now, is convince someone that they mean something, or that they have power and a voice.

And to me, right now, if I am the humblest as I can be, that is really all that matters.

So look forward to that, whoever you are.

Posted in AiOW Project by Preston on August 9th, 2008