St. Patrick

So tonight I went and saw “Hair” the musical. The school I used to go to put it on and it was a fantastic performance. It was so great to go back and see all of those friends I hadn’t seen in so long. But out of the whole performance, I think there were two things that really got me.

The first was when I saw the stage full of people dancing and singing and smiling. I thought it was incredible to see how great my school was and how wonderful the people were. These were the people that made things happen, they weren’t the fags or the girls; they were the people of my school. Might I remind you all that I went to a public school in the most populated city in my state? But I had forgotten the people and the community that I had left when I came to Perpich. I had forgotten how I used to feel. It actually made me kind of sad. The thing about Perpich it seems, is that people just aren’t as excited to be alive and to sing and to dance as we were at southwest. No matter who you were, black, Asian, white, boy, girl, gay, straight, people always had a flair that made everything all right. And I miss that.

On the other hand, during the intermission, I remembered the real reason I had left. I mean, I was watching all of these people have a great time, giving there hearts out, really, and I was sitting there in the audience. And that’s how it always kind of felt at Southwest. I was an art supporter, not an artist. I was always sort of “half-way” in the clique that dominated the school, I was always working on the sidelines, keeping everything in tip-top shape, but never really getting any credit, never really getting a chance to shine. At Perpich now, I can be the “Artist” and I can be known for what I do, instead of supporting the people that do what they’ve always wanted to do.

So think about what that can say for you. Maybe you’re the artist that’s never really taken the time for them self. Maybe you’re the unmentioned supporter that never gets any credit. I have news for you. You’re never going to get anywhere in life, unless you stand up, get off your butt, and do what you’ve always dreamed of, instead of watching everyone else do it. You are the engineer on this railroad that is your life, but you’re never going to move forward unless you blow your whistle, and put some coal in the fire. And then, later, you can go back and see all of the friends that are making their dreams come true and you can say to them, I’m doing that too.

Anyhow, Happy St. Patrick’s day to everyone. Hoping everyone stays safe and lives fully.

Thank you so much for your time.

Posted in Blogging by Preston on March 18th, 2007

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