December 2, 2012

Today a dense fog drifted over my mind and
behind my pupils, my breath
swam through it as I passed blindly over the
moist cracks in the sidewalk. And no
matter how hard I focused, my
lungs still felt heavy and my heart
still raced, and
my legs couldn’t keep
from stumbling on the thoughts
that flickered through my mind at top speed.
Today, I threw my hands at the
gates of never-never land
desperate to escape, even if I cannot see
the other side, even if these gates
are made of nothing but my own
I want to scream, “I AM AN EMOTIONAL
MAN,” but there is
no one but the squirrel,
confusing the utility pole for a tree as I pass by.
Today, snippets of joy and confusion and
longing slip in front of my retinas
like water particles
suspended in air. I can feel
the emptiness burn like a fire within my core,
the void that I confused for hunger.
Today, my
eyes see nothing but the tenderness
that lays softly upon my heart, the
longing for
inner-peace that laces my every breath, and the
yes, maybe, someday, love, that echoes in my
every footstep.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a poem, turns out it was rather apropos.

Posted in Poems by Preston on December 2nd, 2012

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