Pretty Lights 2011

My heart beat nervously in my chest on that cold night, the stars were peeking behind wispy clouds as a waxing gibbous moon watched passively as I stepped out of the car and into the crowd. From there on out; madness.

I don’t know a lot, but I know a little bit more now. I had squeezed myself into the crowd after downing a whole bottle of water, Bonobo already had me dripping. I felt a little bit like I was in a dream, swaying with the flow of the crowd, until the lights dimmed, and Pretty Lights began. Little pockets of LED lights on the massive towers that surrounded Derek Vincent Smith started to light up, creating what looked like a city all across stage. And when the familiar piano sample of I Know The Truth started playing, we screamed until our lungs were empty. We were ready to party.

Letting all your inhibitions go. They say that’s why some people drink. But in that crowd, my B.A.C. was zero and I was drunk. Bass filled the entire building with the sounds of beat only Pretty Lights could create. I suddenly stopped caring about all the things I regret, all the mistakes I’ve made, all the hurt. You put your hands in the air, you get your feet off the ground, you scream until your mute, because sometimes that’s all there is.

But the part I will never forget, is when he played the breakdown from High School Art Class, where it goes “you wanna get higher (higher)” And it built up and built up, the strobes were going off, everyone was yelling “higher, higher”, and Derek gets on the mic and tells us to get our fucking feet off the floor, and I’m jumping as high as I can go, screaming along with everyone else until it just tuns into a snare and I’m screaming “Ahhhhhh!!” That moment changed my life forever.

Pretty Lights at The Myth in Maplewood

I think I’ll be seeing you next year, Derek. Thank you for a fucking awesome party.

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