Better than I could’ve said it.

A brief letter to the people in charge over in D.C., written by my colleague Jesse Peterson:

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Dear Senator Sanders, As an American university student, I truly appreciate your efforts to improve the lives of working class Americans everywhere. You and my friend Dennis Kucinich have done more for the average American citizen than most representatives will do in a lifetime. At the same time, the center-right policies of Barack Obama and his collaborators on the far right are destroying this country. You recently agreed to Obama’s 55 mpg goal for automakers in 2025. While I think this is an admirable pursuit, showing that the American government is willing to get tough on American automakers who need to make very intelligent moves to outcompete foreign car companies, it isn’t enough. I plan to buy American when the time comes for me to purchase a vehicle, but the issue at hand concerns all of us: the destruction of our planet by the incredibly wasteful process of extracting fossil fuels. As Americans, as citizens of the nation known worldwide as the most innovative people on Earth, we need to be moving towards alternative renewable energy sources. Subsidies for the auto industry clearly aren’t working. Let’s not lie to ourselves-Ford and Chevrolet have sold far more gasoline-only vehicles than hybrids this year, and they’ll continue to do so as long as it’s profitable. Our nation needs a resurgence of industry badly. As crudely as the author David Simon put it, the truth still stands: “We used to make shit in this country.”  Now, we rely on the rest of the world to manufacture our goods while we sit back and and wait for the dividends from out illegal wars to pay for our debt. I have lived in a nation that I haven’t been proud of my entire life, and I’m sick of the shame. I’m sick of telling foreigners that I’m American, but not like the rest of them.  I’m sick of trying to make excuses for my countrymen for the rest of the world. I’m sick of enraging the Muslim peoples of the world. I love them, and as a Christian I consider them my brothers. Norway has shown us that hate is not the answer. As civilized people, we respond to hatred with strength and joy. I LOVE MY MUSLIM FRIENDS!!! UNITY AND SOLIDARITY!!!

In Solidarity, Jesse Peterson

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I felt like it needed to be shared.

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