A book is on its way.

I don’t think I’d be writing this particular blog post if I really, truly, didn’t feel like what I’m about to declare is actually going to happen. By August, I am going to have a completed manuscript, a book that I can publish. There’s no title as of yet, so I’m calling it the soundlessw book for now.

The book will be a collection of poems and short stories, all of them will be either written or revised specifically for the book so that they, together, form a collective meaning; an overarching idea. The book is about how some people, at least, the characters in the stories, deal with sudden changes, death, and hidden feelings and emotions.

I have a lot of work to do, and a lot of studying. This summer, I plan on studying trap-shooting, amusement parks, plane-crashes, and fashion, among many other random topics. Consider that a preview. I also plan on writing other pieces that wont be in the book and which I’ll post up here for all to see.

I will also begin my long and hard fight against the inadequacy monster. It will be a battle to death, believe me. I’ve already seen it lurking behind the stone pillars that surround the battle ground.

I look forward to keeping my updates here for all to see. TTFN.

Posted in Blogging, News by Preston on May 30th, 2011

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