My Birthday

I haven’t read much Poe lately. I have always heard of him and knew who he was and everything but I never sat down and read any of his work. So just recently I read the Masque of the Red Death. I was supposed to think about it and analyze it partially. from my interpretation, it was about the unavoidable end to all life. everything dies; people, animals, cars, plants. Life is ticking by like a big clock. And every time the clock goes by one hour that is one more year gone from our life. We sit in silence, listening to the bell ding over and over. And before we know it another year has gone by.

I had a good birthday today. But my greatest present was that I could be aware of my life, I could determine how I wanted to live it, and I could be with people I admire, respect, and enjoy. Perhaps I may still have 75 more years ahead of me but that’s later. Right now I’m happy and that’s all that matters.

Posted in Blogging by Preston on May 22nd, 2006

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