Staying Alive

I really love to sing. I’ve gotten quite good at it actually but I’m not going to begin bragging. Today I started singing all the songs I know. It’s quite a few. Before I knew many songs I never truly enjoyed singing but now I know a couple of songs I can really let my talent shine. I was sitting in a bus today and there weren’t very many people in it. The bus was really quiet for a little while. People were talking to themselves or listening to their ipods or something but I decided to practice my songs. I was sitting facing a couple of my friends in the seat behind me and I just sang.

I have this voice that sounds really sad or eery. It has this quiver that I put into it because I really like singing sad songs. So I’m sitting on the bus and singing. Most people are quiet and I’m singing Loch Lomond. The bus caught this feeling that made me feel so much better. It’s that kind of feeling that I love. and I’ve said that before, you’ll hear me say that a lot in my future Journals. i think I’ll call that feeling… rapt. I was feeling rapt and beguiled, oh and enamored (I’m looking at a thesaurus right now).
Now tonight I have a concert. I can sing my heart out. When I’m singing I can just let go of everything. Every single mistake, every single reason to be sad is just wiped away and I can stick my neck above the clouds to get a little bit of heaven, just a little taste so I know what’s coming. And thats how I survive, I do things that keep me alive in the moment instead of things where I fret about things to come or sulk over things that have already happened.

Posted in Blogging by Preston on May 25th, 2006

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