My Relationships

If you know me, you know how dramatic I can be. I can be exciting, or just content, and sometimes I’m a little dull. I have gotten to know so many people. I really like people in fact. I love all people. My life has been full of interesting stories and lessons. I learn everyday from the people I’m around and I like learning too!

Now each of my friends have a story behind them. Every one of my relationships is like a great novel except it has no end. Now in these stories, I have gone down roads that not many people go down. With each of these paths I make new friends and learn more and more. Many people these days go the easy route. They make friends through similarities, and a lot of those similarities aren’t even real to begin with. I build my relationships off of respect. In fact that’s why so many of my friends have hardly any of the same interests as I do. So when I walk down a dug out path leading into a dark forest, I always remember what’s on the other side. That’s the meaning of Treading the Road Less Trodden, it always results in learning and experiencing things many of us have never done. I may have done a lot of things I regret doing but there has never been a road that I will have regretted walking, or a river I have regretted crossing. The friends that I have right now, know that about me and practice it themselves. If I have any wisdom to share with them it is that wisdom.

Posted in Blogging by Preston on May 26th, 2006

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