Saying goodbye to the wind.

Once upon a time, I stopped believing in goodbyes. The majority of people I said goodbye to, in the hopes I might not see them again, I saw again at the grocery store the next weekend. Where will they go? This is not so big a planet, and we are usually much closer than we think. However ,this week marks the beginning of something, you see. It  is the first day of school for a group of people to which I coexist. But for other people, it is not the first day of school. For even more people, school is not even relavent. And yet, as I lived my life today, I saw cars emerge onto the roads with the warm spirit of a bright new day, the rush and haste like they were all late for class, and some sort of light, over-saturated quality I can hardly describe.

Figures, says me, but I really just said that so I could give you three examples of something that doesn’t really matter anyway, because today was a new day, but not a first day. It was not the first day I woke up to the sunlight on the old blue carpet and the sound of my radio, which is stuck at just slightly too loud a volume for the speakers. Today was not the first day I got angry, or the first day I enjoyed the cold feeling of sweat on my back. It was not the first day I wrote a poem, and definitely not the first day I wasn’t sure what to say. It was not the first day I smelled fresh tar or the air off the lake. And it was not the first day I said goodbye.

But I did say goodbye today, to someone as significant to me as the wind. And today, I wrote about it because it was not the someone that I was really saying goodbye to. I just hope that the wind will keep on blowing, or I will end up very lonely, very soon.

Posted in Blogging by Preston on August 23rd, 2010

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