Farewell to a Guardian Angel

I just thought it was too metaphoric not to post it.


Why is it that a bird may gently fall onto a branch, its wings folded neatly beside itself? Why is it that the clouds may gently float along the sky? Why may the sun rise so simply in the east, and set so softly in the west?

Because, said the woman sweetly to her child, because that is the way of life. Why do the leaves grow from buds in the spring to colors of dying leaves in the autumn? This, my child, is life in motion, changing constantly. Water rises and water falls. This is why my child, this is why.

Will it ever end? Will the sun ever choose to rise in the east no longer, or will the bird ever choose to land upon a branch no more.

Well there, I can give you no advice, besides that which I have already given. Because looking for an end will always lead to another beginning. So now, sleep, so that you may wake again and begin just like the sun that will rise soon and is setting now. Sleep, so that you too may float with the spirits like the clouds. Sleep, my child, sleep.

Posted in Blogging by Preston on February 2nd, 2007

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