With Valentines Day coming around the corner, I go around my school and all I see is love. Everyone is getting a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Everyone is falling in love. In fact, there is a total sense of Passion in the air. I can smell the perfume and the candy. I can see the smiles and the holding hands. It can get quite unnerving at times to be honest. That is the repeated line of many single people, “I should get a boyfriend,” as if it’s something that should happen just because it is the right thing to do. But there is a lot more to love than holding hands and making out I suppose. Anyone with friends prone to drama knows this. Love has become a sort of devotion. There is an iconic feeling that our society has connected to love. It could be a love for anything. Whether it is for your art, for a loved one, for a pet, love must be more than that feeling that we have in our hearts for another, it must be more than seeing that smile on that special someone. Now, thanks to advertising and our praised capitalist system that leads it, love has become 2000 dollars for a ring, love has become chocolate, and any of those other things that symbolize love. “I love you” is often not enough. I want my love to be something that is mutual and understood. I don’t want to have to prove my love, I want to give someone a hug, and I want to smile when I see someone in the hallway, I want to help someone with something difficult. Let that be love.

Posted in Blogging by Preston on February 13th, 2007

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