While it may be up to interpretation as to who starts them, war is certainly a reoccurring theme in the world’s history. And whether it’s holy war, war over territory, or war over safety, it seems that every conflict that has plagued every generation’s lives has directly or indirectly related to fear and paranoia. Whether it is the textbook definition of masculinity, or the reality of a scary world we live in, paranoia has gone about its way for thousands of years. Why did we go into Iraq? Because, we were afraid they were making WMD’s. How did WWI begin? The fear of war.

So here we are, the artisans (and generally young liberals) of the year 2007. We have a pretty nasty history behind us. And while us Americans are in a war far away, we too have a society of paranoia that works happily here. It is the society anarchist rebels are talking about, and the society people who are just disappointed with our culture are talking about as well.

Ever since slavery, the people who started out with power kept the power and decided that the people they did not understand, they would fear, and therefore separate themselves. This concept, the concept that brought segregation and discrimination to the world, is no different than a concept thousands of children experience around the world, bullying. Our culture has decided to practice the same rituals we have for the past 5000 years or more, and we are teaching them to our kids. “Fear the people you don’t understand, and shun them so that they won’t let the status quo change.” This is what we are our children are learning, and this is what our leaders are implementing, although they’ve replaced “shun” for “bully.” And those are the only two variables that change in this equation for catastrophe. So this is where I ask you, the reader, to look at yourself, look at what you can do to put a stop to any of the many forms Paranoia has come in, whether it is racism, ageism, sexism, or basic stereotyping and segregating.

Thank you so much for your time.

Posted in Blogging, Soapbox by Preston on February 26th, 2007

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