Hello, my name is Preston.

What I am and what I want to be are two things that, for the time being, remain dead locked on different sides of the room. Presently, I am a student (though I suspect I shall always be one), and in the future I aspire to affect the American Educational System with my talents for organization, directness, curiosity, and openness for new and alternative ideas. This blog is about the present and its twisted fingers crawling into whatever lies ahead.


I have been formally trained as a writer, or a "literary artist," through the conservatory program at the Arts High School in Golden Valley. For two years I had the most intense writing education I could ever have, studying various writing techniques among 20-odd peers and friends. I will never forget the experience. There, I learned to place writing above my sense of self, to search my soul, and to explore my mind. While attending, I was published in two anthologies, which were put together by those same writing peers and myself. After I graduated I continued to write somewhat regularly, focusing mostly on poetry. These were mostly contemplative years as I questioned and explored and grew more and more into being. Eventually the contemplation turned into a kind of passion and zeal, and I began to write prose and stories. I've started a semi-autobiographical book about some of the experiences of the years during and after high school, which I hope to be able to finish soon.

All of my work can be found on the Portfolio page.

I also love literature and to read. However I have always had very little interest in discussing the use of metaphor or imagery in texts. What interests me about literature is what it means to the people who read it, how it effects me, how it effects everyone. If there's anything I stive for as a writer and student of literature, it's for people to be more focused on how they can use the power of literature to grow and learn and create.


In 2012, I began attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities as a Sociology Major. This is a relatively new field of study for me, but I am soaking up the material faster than I expected. From studying the social frame-works that guide the movement and creation of Social Movements, to studying how neo-colonialist thought continues to effect Africa, the Middle-East, and Asia, to studying how social constructs such as Gender, Race, and Class effect the outcomes of children in the United States, I am constantly fascinated by this subject.

Since I started, the school newspaper, Minnesota Daily, published an editorial I wrote about the seeming inevitability of sexual-assault in fraternities when one considers the social constructs of our entire society.

This Blog

Every day I feel myself growing like a tree into this global landscape of information and content that is the Internet. Perhaps what I have to offer is a sanity and an honesty about life. I know that this life is uniquely mine, but I have it to share with all of you. From the fear of taking the next step into the dark and mysterious future, to the joy of creating something new, perhaps there is something in here that has meaning for you.